Fresko Fiorito

Fresko Fiorito 

Fresko Fiorito is a line of lyophilized products for those looking for the highest quality food for themselves and their loved ones.
We invite you to choose from a particularly wide variety of lyophilized fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs, salts

Products are dried in the cold

Lyophilization is the most advanced method of preserving products, in which berries, fruits, vegetables and other products are frozen and dried at a very low (-80 °C) temperature in a vacuum chamber.

 In this way, the frozen water contained in the product immediately passes into the vapor phase, without turning into a liquid.
It is because of this that after lyophilization, the products do not change shape, volume, color, their aromatic and taste characteristics are preserved.
Lyophilised products must be stored in special sealed packaging to prevent moisture from being absorbed from the air and to be protected from daylight. In cold-dried products, up to 98% of valuable substances remain.

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