Antoine Laundry Detergent Set 4x50ml


Distinctiveness intertwined with cleanliness and luxurious perfume. These are unique detergents made in France, the raw materials used for them can be found in top-level perfumery. The goal of the creators of the line is to make the body and clothes smell the same.

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The scent of ANTOINE Pour Elle is created with women in mind. It is a contrasting composition of scents, in which the classic notes of ANTOINE wood are complemented by a powerful floral aroma mixed with the subtlety of a rose and the elegance of an iris.

The scent of ANTOINE Classic is resolute and modern. Here, the essence of cedar mixes with creamy sandalwood, and crystalline amber merges with mild musk. It is a universal scent suitable for both men and women.

The scent of ANTOINE Intense is marked by masculinity. The dominant notes of patchouli and skin are intoxicating and energetic. The basic amber softens and unites the duo. The combination is designed for men, but is also perfect for women who like special, strong scents.

The scent of ANTOINE “Jasmin” takes a new look at jasmine – it loves it with radiant freshness of lilies, warms it with vanilla and enriches it with refined patchouli.


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