Bioemix Calc Cleaner 500ml


Calc Cleaner – A professional cleaner designed to effectively remove limescale dirt. Easily removes accumulated dirt from baths, showers, sinks, tiles, faucets and metal surfaces. Removes limescale, water marks, soap deposits. Thanks to the unique cleaning formula, dirt is released in hard-to-reach places. The cleaner does not contain dangerous labels, harmful additives, hydrochloric acid or phosphates, which is why it is perfect for sensitive surfaces such as plastic or acrylic.

Professional cleaner:

• Removes lime, urinary stone, water stains, fungus, soap residue, rust and other mineral deposits and oxides.
• The cleaner penetrates well and removes dirt perfectly.

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Best results:

The cleaner is ready for use. All-purpose cleaner can be used to clean all acid-resistant surfaces in sanitary facilities, saunas and swimming pools. Also effective for outdoor, glass, stone, ceramic surfaces. Just spray, leave on for a short time and rinse with water or wipe with a damp cloth.


Keep out of reach of children. Do not store cleaning agents at sub-zero temperatures.


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