Bioemix Smoke & Grill Cleaner 500ml


Smoke & Grill Cleaner – Professional intensive cleaner for effective cleaning of soot, resin, burnt grease from fireplaces, ovens, grills, hoods.

The cleaner removes stubborn grease and reduces its formation, it is perfect for cleaning fireplaces, ovens, grills, hoods, microwave ovens. Removes very large dirt: deposits, stale and burnt fats, protein residues.

  • The cleaner is non-flammable;
  • Higher temperatures speed up cleaning efficiency;

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The cleaner is ready for use. Spray on the selected surface, wait a few minutes, then rinse with water. In case of heavier contamination, it is recommended to use a brush, cloth or sponge.

Be careful when cleaning aluminum and galvanized surfaces. If the surface is sensitive, do not store the spray for a long time.


Check compatibility with rubber and plastic components before use. Keep out of reach of children. Do not store cleaning agents at sub-zero temperatures


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