Fresso Car Perfume “Sugar Love” (50ml)


Fresso car perfumes are extremely elegant and multidimensional fragrance compositions that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding connoisseur.

A sensual combination of the intense aroma of sandalwood with sweet vanilla and almonds.

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How To Use 

  1. Apply the perfume towards the fabric rugs, keeping a distance of about 20 cm so that a fine mist is formed.
  2. If there are rubber mats in the car, first test the smell on their invisible element to make sure that the product does not leave unsightly stains.Factors that reduce the durability and perceptibility of the fragrance: Low temperature (below 5 degrees Celsius) or extremely high temperature (above 30 degrees Celsius), regular leaving the car in full sun, lack of cleanliness in the car, the presence of other (also worn-out) smells in the car, getting used to the smell, lack of periodic cleaning of the air conditioning, intense smell of upholstery in the car, do not leave at a temperature above 75 degrees Celsius.

    Fragrance Sugar LoveA sweet combination of exotic sandalwood with notes of vanilla and almond.
    The whole is enriched with a fruity and floral accent in the form of pear, orange blossom seasoned with a spicy note of pink pepper.

    A delicate blend of amber and sweet rose gives elegance and warmth.


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