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KSP Body Perfume “BLACK VIRGIN” (UNISEX), 50 ml


This perfume is perfect for both men and women.

The intoxicating aroma of Black Virgin  with its intoxicating sweetness and earthy wood.

The aroma of BLACK VIRGIN  is an enchanting and memorable performance, a mysterious and nameless person that remains silent inhistoryFilled with warming and charismatic tones, this scent not only complements but also adorns, not only warms, but also rewards courage. The intoxicating aroma of Black Virgin gives off a stunning sweetness,  will surround you with some familiar but mysterious magic.

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– The scent is greeted by a light and  warm agar wood  top note that is surrounded by fresh wood and citrus mist.

– Middle notes –  incense, sweet tobacco and leather chords  – play a slightly bolder combination. Sweet tobacco and lush incense create perhaps the most striking accent of this scent, which, thanks to the chord of the treated leather, acquires integrity and softness.

– The culmination of the aroma is an unforgettable  patchouli  and festive  vanilla , creating an earthy combination of moist wood and creamy vanilla ice cream.


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