Labu Black Currant and Apple Puree Strips (50g)


Strips of dried puree of black currants and apples.

It is a biologically valuable snack made of only two ingredients: black currants (20%) and apples (80%). No added sugar, flavor or color enhancers. High in fiber, rich in vitamins and minerals. Energy cartridge for a long time!

In modern running culture, a wholesome snack helps you not lose energy, regain strength, and retain positive thoughts. A LABU dried fruit puree snack that contains only fruit and is rich in vitamins and minerals is an indispensable alternative when you want something sweet but not necessarily healthy, or snack on just about anything. GOOD – just innocent candy and a snack of the day for everyone: both small and big!

Emotional value – innocent candy!

Functional value – a lot of vitamins and minerals!

Environmentally friendly choice – recyclable packaging!

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Nutrition, vitamins and minerals declaration:

Nutrition (100 g): energy – 1271 kJ / 300 kcal, fat – 0.6 g, of which 0.1 g of saturated fatty acids, 68 g of carbohydrates, 64 g of natural sugars, 1 g of protein, 4 g, fiber – 8.6 g, salt – 0 g.

Vitamins (100 g): C – 50 mg (63% RPN), B2 – 0.2 mg (14% RPN), B6 ​​- 0.2 mg (14% RPN).

Minerals (100 g): Fe – 7.1 mg (51% RPN), K – 500 mg (25% RPN), Cu – 0.2 mg (20% RPN).


RPN – recommended daily allowance. 


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