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Byrokko Tanmousse Self-Tanning Mousse 200 ml


Easily create a natural-looking tan that adapts evenly to any skin tone and lets you achieve the shade that suits you best.

Tan your body effortlessly in just a couple of minutes with BYROKKO express self-tan formula. Fast-drying, non-sticky and lightweight, it will make your body gorgeously tanned, all year round.

No sun needed for a perfect summer glow all year long.

BYROKKO fast-drying, odourless and lightweight formula is designed to make your body gorgeously tanned, all year round.

Melanin-activating intensifiers are combined with naturally derived tan actives to stimulate your skin cells and make your tan develop faster.

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Hint 1: For an even and streak-free tan, exfoliate before application.

Hint 2: Moisturise dry body parts including elbows, knees, ankles and feet.


Step 1: Shake the mousse well before using.

Step 2: Pump foam directly onto BYROKKO application mitt (never apply directly with bare hands).

Step 3: Apply BYROKKO Mousse with long, smooth strokes over legs, arms and body, move towards the back and repeat. Ensure all areas are covered before lightly gliding any excess tan from the mitt over your hands and feet.

Step 4: Wait until touch dry (5-10 minutes) before getting dressed.

Our super-soft BYROKKO mitt ensures the tan is spread evenly and gives you the desired streak-free results.


LIGHT: Shower after 1 hour with warm water for a lovely light tan.

SUNKISSED MEDIUM: Leave it on for 2-3 hours then shower for a slightly deeper tan.

VACATION DARK: Leave it on for 8 hours before showering for a gorgeous dark tan.

TROPICAL ULTRA DARK: Re-apply 15 minutes after the first application (double coat) and leave for 8 hours before showering.

* Once developed, your tan will last up to 10 days and fade evenly as your suntan would.

* Re-apply anytime to intensify the tan.


BYROKKO self-tan products are developed with nature in mind. They contain no nasties, parabens or sulfates, just the best premium ingredients.

Our vegan-friendly, paraben-free formula with 100% natural DHA tan actives gives you an even, naturally-looking golden tan all year round.

Enriched with hydrating oils for maximum skin hydration, it ensures a longer-lasting, natural-looking bronze you’ll be proud of.


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